In November 2017 the VDMDs Trend Research Team met in Würzburg for the global trends and colours of the season FW 2019/20

here at work:


The VDMD, professional association for fashion and textiles designers, encourages the interaction between industry and design.

Since July 2015 Jutta Fuhrmann has been the honorary chair for the North Rhine region.

Several times a year the VDMD organises a day for the transfer or knowledge and trend forecast at the German textile and fashion schools and universities. Trend reports women’s wear are researched and created by me and presented by me here and at the MunichFabricStart. Additionally, Jutta Fuhrmann has been an active member of the VDMD Trend Research Team for many years. Here the new mega trends for zeitgeist, lifestyle, architecture, space, home, fashion and textiles are developed.