Contemporary fashion for


feminine and

sporty women.

The requirements are high:

Trendy and suitable for everyday life

at the same time.

This means that the collection should provide appropriate apparel for many situations,

be combinable

and trigger a purchase impulse at the point of sale.


 wear qualities,

 fashionable and pragmatic aspects

 as well as the common size range up to

 plus sizes

are relevant.





Development of coordinated collections and programmes according to:





Delivery dates

Points of Sale

Concepts and realisation of sublines for

specific market segments

lifestyle accessories,

including licences


As a comprehensive package or individual service

  • Global research at all relevant fashion and fabric & accessories trade shows
  • Analysis of the market at POS
  • Focus on the target group
  • Visualisation through promotional story boards balancing modernity + POS success
  • Design, sketches, technical drawings
  • Development of art works
  • Team networking and briefing of the interfaces
  • Development & introduction of collections or product lines
  • Job schedules for seasonal and annual planning and implementation
  • Supplier management
  • Evaluation of the prototypes and initial samples
  • Consulting, collection revision . . . and much more
  • Calculation preparation



I'm as proud of what we don't do  

as I am of what we do.

(Steve Jobs)